Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC “People’s Guarantee!”

Ontario’s conservatives really have to stop complaining that the Patrick Brown led PCs are liberal lite, (e.g., because Brown has favoured a carbon tax).

Look, I don’t like the idea of a carbon tax either but, given PM Trudeau is forcing a carbon tax on all the provinces, what choice would Brown have as Premier?

In other words, it is absurd for Ontario conservatives to blame Brown for that issue. Besides, I can’t help think that a carbon tax would be better for Ontarians  than the Wynne, Quebec, California Cap and Trade Agreement!

Anyway, beyond the carbon tax issue, I have taken the time to understand Brown’s other policies and know, without a doubt, that a government run by him would be 100% better than what we have with the Wynne Liberals.

Is Brown perfect? No, he is isn’t. But, then, since Mike Harris, it seems no one is quite perfect enough to get Ontario conservatives, or those liberals fed up with the Wynne gang, out to vote on election day.

John Tory tried once.

Tim Hudak tried twice.

Neither man was considered good enough for a variety of reasons. Tory talked about funding private schools. He never would have actually done it. So, how did Ontario benefit not voting for Tory? It hasn’t!

Tim Hudak talked about jobs and more jobs and promised to cut public sector jobs through attrition. You would have thought the sky was falling. Guess what? The Ontario public service has not only increased, but has 123,000 people on the over $100,000 sunshine list. 

The reality is that Ontario is a liberal province, particularly because the majority of the 3 to 5 million voters who live in Toronto, the GTA and Hamilton, tend to vote Liberal. That reality is not new.

Even Premier Mike Harris knew that. In fact, from what I can see, the CSR (Common Sense Revolution) platform of the 1995 election, is very much like the latest PC Platform called the People’s Guarantee.

I know because I was a senior staffer for a PC MPP for most of the four years from June 1995 until June 1999 and referred to the CSR so often, I nearly memorized  it. What I also remember is sitting in the Ontario legislature in the spring of 1999 and hearing Finance Minister Ernie Eves saying repeatedly: Promise Made, Promise Kept. 

So, I have no doubt, that is exactly what a Brown government will do as well.

Yet, the anti-PC rhetoric has already started. For example, this morning I read on Twitter about the billions Brown would cut out of Ontario spending. All said without any explanation.

Remember, there were lies about how Harris cut too. For instance, when Harris cut hospital budgets, he re-allocated all the money cut to long term senior care and senior home care — which desperately needed funding.  Hospital CEO’s were told to reduce administrative staff to account for the cuts, and use any surplus to hire more nurses. Yet, I was told by nurses I know that, province-wide, hospital brass did the reverse.

In other words, if you ever hear that Harris cut health care and education, it is a bold faced lie. Because, by the time Harris left office, the PCs had significantly increased both those budget areas.

Which is why I want to warn Ontario conservatives and those who sit on the fence about any upcoming negative, hysterical or exaggerated spin they may hear or read about the PC Brown plan.

For example, listen to this video on the financial monthly help the Brown Tories would provide to parents with children under junior kindergarten age. The reality is that if you want young parents to contribute to society, sometimes you need to give them the help they need to be able to leave the home to work. I mean, not everyone has relatives that will help.

In other words, remember, politics is the art of the possible. If you don’t win, nothing is possible.

Therefore, the crux of the matter is that, if you don’t want the Wynne Liberals to win another mandate, you need to put aside any concerns that Brown is too liberal and fight as never before for the PC candidate in your riding to win on June 7th, 2018!

14 thoughts on “Beware Ontario Liberal lies about Brown’s PC “People’s Guarantee!”

  1. Well said, agree 100 percent. NB I am abroad now and on my mobile cannot use my real name Miles Lunn. Will go back to that once I am back in Canada. I no longer live in Ontario but hope for our country’s sake the Wynne Liberals are turfed in 192 days from today.


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  3. I’m wondering if Mike Harris is working with Patrick Brown?

    The PC’s have zero room for infighting, it is never a smart thing to do and the exact way to lose elections.
    How anyone living, working, retired and paying through the nose to survive in this province can do it is mind blowing.

    We need to nip this in the bud but it may already be too late, Liberals are very good at taking advantage of stupidity.


  4. This is all about exercising political power, that is the essential end of progressive politicians like Wynne and Trudeau.

    When one looks at it their behaviour through that lens, it can be dealt with.

    Next year’s Ontario election will be a strong signal to the future of the rest of Canada. We are presently taking Hayek’s road to serfdom, and another federal regime of Laurentian Liberals will do great damage to prosperity and freedom.

    If the Wynne regime can win and rule Ontario again from Toronto, and in 2019 Canada, the country is in economic danger if their brand of statism wins further access to the treasury. Count on many more CRA requests for information too.

    The baby boom on the economy is just getting started. Luckily for the nation, our boomers (me included) are first class consumers, especially proficient in the use of personal debt. Plus we are healthier than our parents so the two together mean it will be a few years before our productivity is lost to the economy.

    When one thinks about the obvious pressures on medical and pension systems, this would seem a very bad time, perhaps the worst time to take a balanced budget to a debt run-up of over $60b and counting. Oh right, budgets balance themselves.

    No doubt the mediocracy, at their unethical best, will step up for the Ontario election and of course the federal contest the following year. The alt right can’t be allowed to win, that’s not “what Canadians want.”

    Pierre Trudeau had some level of intellect, except in economics, and presided over the baby boomer effect of a giant generation beginning their most productive years and continuing to this day.

    Justin Trudeau can count on neither the intellect of his father nor the benefit a booming economy – which he is currently strangling.

    We’re heading for leaner and meaner times folks. Big government is not good government. Quite the opposite. If the entitlement economy of progressivism continues it will come to an end, one way or another.

    I believe the Ontario PC party under Mr Brown must prevail in 2018. Not just for that province but for sake of the entire country.

    Maybe “we’re better than that.” but the mediocracy and the OPP union aren’t. Think about that heading into 2018.

    Merry Christmas Sandy and everyone else, to all best wishes for a prosperous and fruitful 2018. God bless.


  5. Wynne is still suing Brown for defamation. How will that turn out and what will be gained beyond a detraction from real issues?
    Put me down as fed up with politics, it’s becoming a real sham fest.


  6. BTW Sandy, is Wynne doing any town hall charm sessions in your area? She seems to be hungry for attention, maybe looking for reassurance the people still love her and some free campaigning on our dime. Getting out among the tinsel and lights of the Christmas season is crass IMO.


  7. Truth is I am paying no attention. I am discouraged with the fed libs for winning by-elections. Would Wynne win again? I sure hope not but with so many complaining cons who knows?


  8. The by-elections if you look at the raw numbers aren’t quite as bad as they seem at first blush. Yes we have lost two so far, but in the last set, we saw our share of the popular vote go up in three of the four while the Liberals were down in three of the four. In the 12 by-elections held so far, the score is Tories up in 9, Liberals down in 9, and NDP down in 11 so direction is at least in the right one. As Eric Grenier pointed out, only in Quebec and BC are the Liberals polling higher than they were in 2015, all other provinces they are down as those are the two they picked up seats. Also the weak NDP is killing us as we got over 40% in 3 of the 4 by-elections which is normally sufficient to win, but with Trudeau tacking left and driving down the NDP vote, we now need 45% instead of 40% to win a riding.

    Bonavista-Burin-Trinity is a staunchly Liberal riding so we were never going to even be competitive here, but there was a 13 point swing towards us and that type of swing across Atlantic Canada is enough that we would win seats in that region although not enough to beat the Liberals there.

    Scarborough Agincourt is normally a riding Liberals win by a landslide, but only won by 9 points and the first time since 1988 we cracked the 40% mark so if we are doing as well as that in the 416, that is probably good news out in the 905 belt which tends to be more favourable to us.

    Battlefords-Lloydminster we won big as expected but got a larger share of the popular vote than Harper ever got there including 2011.

    South Surrey-White Rock was the one disappointment but if you look at neighbouring ridings we held this in 2015 due to Diane Watts who is a former mayor of Surrey and won municipally with 80% so it was her popularity that put us over the top. The Liberals ran Gordon Hogg who is a former provincial MLA and former mayor of White Rock so while losing by 5 points is not great, I think our win in 2015 and loss this time had a lot to do with local candidates. In BC the Tories really cratered, but hopefully after seeing how bad the left is both provincially and federally we can recover. For whatever reason it seems the two coasts is where we cratered the worst in 2015 while our drop in support was more modest in the interior of the country.


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