Ontario PC Leadership Race Details

Update added below:

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If you go to the regular Ontario PC website, there is nothing there that I could find that outlined the details of the leadership race, or a link to that information. However, while doing research on twitter and mainstream media columns on the leadership, I found the actual ONPC Leadership site. (On that issue, if anyone from PC Party headquarters reads this, I would recommend putting a link on your first page.)

Anyway, based on the PC Leadership site, here are the details that matter:

The candidates: (updated February 17th)

Since February 16th was the final date for ONPC leadership candidates to register, according to Elections Ontario there are 5 official candidates in the race:

I will add a link to Brown as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, here is a Google link to all the mainstream media articles about his surprise registration.

The details:

  1. The first televised debate for all the candidates was on February 15th at 8pm in a TVO studio. Each candidate did well.
  2. The last date to sign up for a membership to the Ontario PCs in order to vote was yesterday,  February 16th.
  3. On February 20th, a mailing will go out to all the members giving them the details for the voting verification system. What members will have to do is sign in using their membership number and follow the instructions, whatever they may be. As well, members will have to send in identification documents. Here is a PDF document about all the rules for the leadership race. It’s in Adobe Acrobat so you’ll need  Adobe Reader to read it. When you look at the details, you quickly realize that some PC staffers spent a lot of late nights getting that done.
  4. ‘The actual online voting will take place between March 2nd and 8th — I assume electronically only.
  5. An announcement will be made on March 10th as to who won. As of today, I cannot find any further details about this announcement, such as where it will be made. When I get those details, I will update this item


While communicating details about this race have not been perfect, I think congratulations is in order just the same given how quickly it all had to be done.

As to who I will be voting for, I am as yet unsure. I voted for Christine Elliott last time and am leaning in that direction again as she is liked by fence sitters and liberals fed up with the Wynne government. The reality is, whether my fellow Conservatives like it or not, there are not enough Ontario Conservatives to win an Ontario majority without cross overs. I worked as a Communications Chair in two Mike Harris elections (1995 and 1999) and learned that the hard way.

I like Doug Ford but he is not well liked throughout the province where extra votes in the June 2018 election will be needed. True, he can probably win current seats that are now Liberal in Toronto and the GTA. But province wide? I somehow doubt it.

Then, there is Caroline Mulroney. She may be a fresh face but having worked for an MPP, I can’t imagine someone who has never been an MPP or MP to suddenly be Premier. The learning curve is tremendous just to get elected, let alone comfortable in the Legislature, never mind being in charge of everything.

Oh, I know, some will say Donald Trump was never a politician before he became President. But, it is different in Ontario, or anywhere in Canada for that matter, because he has not had to get involved in the rules and machinations of the Congress. In our system, our leader has to do both. Anyway, assuming she is elected as an MPP on June 7th, 2018, maybe next time there is a leadership race, she would be my choice.

If you live in Ontario, the crux of the matter is to use this leadership race to get your friends and relatives enthusiastic about voting for their PC candidate in June, so that Ontario can once again have a PC majority government to clean up the mess left by the ON Liberals.

Click on image to read CBC column.

Update February 17th, 2018: First, I have adjusted details in this post to reflect new information. As many already know, as of yesterday, for example, Patrick Brown also entered the ONPC race. How could he do that after resigning? Well, for one thing he resigned under duress. For another, he has been busy clearing his name for the last couple of weeks. So, it wasn’t a total surprise.

Interesting that my reaction was positive. I figure that any man who can fight the media AND the PC establishment has got to have the kind of leadership qualities to govern Ontario. Which means, I am rethinking who I will vote for to be the next ONPC leader. True I like Christine Elliott as I voted for her in 2015, but I am really annoyed at all the shenanigans for what is becoming obvious was an attempted coup, not by the Ontario Liberals as I thought, but by PC Party insiders.

The crux of the matter is to identify who those insiders were because I believe ONPC voters deserve to know.

12 Comments on “Ontario PC Leadership Race Details

  1. and if Patrick Brown is actually innocent, would the Party be legally required to reinstate him….just a thought about wrongful dismissal.

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  2. I heard of so many people that said Patrick Brown was the best leader but all you have to do is read his Facebook page the last couple of days to see that he was very well liked by a lot of people. I am afraid after reading comments like this….” I am still seething over the fact your compadres in the Ontario PC party bailed on you and threw you under the bus!!!!” that people will just not vote and the Liberals will get in again.

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  3. I have that concern too Ruth. But the reality is what’s done is done.IMO he couldn’t win now. I’m told that there is a lot of enthusiam at the various rally’s.

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  4. Fully agree with what you said on Caroline Mulroney. My choice without question if I still lived in Ontario would be Christine Elliott. While one should always take the polls with a grain of salt, most show she is the most electable of the three and Ford the least electable.

    On Doug Ford, I think we would be taking a big gamble as outside Toronto most just know him as the brother of the mayor that smoked crack. May not be fair but I think having him serve as a cabinet minister first would make more sense and that people could get a better idea of what he would be like. Also if you look at the wards he won vs. where Harper won seats in 2011 they are quite different so he could gain us in some areas, but cost us in others.

    In terms of comparisons to Trump, I believe having a Trump like candidate would be a bad idea. Ontario is a lot more urbanized than the rust belt states Trump picked up, we are more like Illinois and New York in urban/rural percentage and both went massively for Clinton despite the fact Trump carried the overwhelming majority of counties. You cannot win Ontario without winning some seats in the GTA.

    I also totally agree with what you said about crossover Liberal voters. In Alberta you might be able to rely on conservative voters only, but in Ontario you cannot win without at least picking up a few swing votes so doesn’t mean being liberal lite, but also means not being too scary either.


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  6. I wouldn’t begin to guess who will win the leadership at this point. My long term MPP is supporting Mulroney.

    No matter what anyone thinks of Brown the shoddy treatment given him does not reflect well on the party and our society as a whole when a person can be treated as guilty without due process.

    Politics has crawled pretty low on this one. Guilty until proven innocent is not what we expect in this democracy.

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  7. You are right Liz….and after the shoddy treatment, I am hoping that Patrick can at least be Deputy Premier to one of them. I’m thinking it would have to be Doug Ford.
    We have to question why a lot of the MPPs jumped to Mulroney the very next day. Sure looks like it was a planned thing to get rid of Brown.


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  9. I believe choosing Patrick Brown as leader would be a huge mistake. Yes he may have been wronged, but I am afraid he is damaged goods at the moment in the public eye. I believe he has the right to fight in court to clear his name and if he can before the election then can run as a candidate. The way I look at it is yes one man’s life may being ruined due to false accusations, but we choose him, the whole province is ruined by four more years of Wynne. So I think for the interest of the party and province he should not run. He is young enough that he will get another chance if these allegations turn out to be false, but running is just dividing the party and making the election about him and his accusations rather than Wynne and her incompetent government.


  10. I’m not so sure it is a miskake Miles. Go on Twitter and follow hashtag #brownbarrie and there are literally hundreds of Ontarians thanking him and saying they support him. Don’t judge by the media. He is most definitely not damaged goods. His clearing his name by himself is respected. Actually I am pleasantly surprised at his fighting spirit. I also believe either he or Eliott can win.


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