Are Canada’s media & Trudeau ignoring data exposing climate change as a scam?

NASA-LogoThe Justin Trudeau Liberal government thinks it is a leader on climate change and most in the mainstream media are his cheerleaders to that end. Yet, according to James Delingpole in a post at Breitbart, climate change warming is a scam.

Which begs the question: Why are the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet continuing with their march to a national carbon tax?

No I am not a “denier.” I am a former social science researcher who is looking at reality. Climate change or global warming, whatever you call it, is a scam that got started in earnest when NASA and NOAA scientists started using computerized climate models in the late 1990s. And, by using those models, they were allegedly able to fabricate new data that showed 20th century warming to be much more dramatic than previously thought. (H/T NewsWatchCanada).

Yet, interestingly, according to Delingpole, NASA’s James Hansen didn’t always believe in the warming narrative either. Was he a denier when he wrote in a 1989 report that: “In the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country.

So, what changed with the hard data between 1989 and now? What changed, was not the weather record per se, but the way the climate scientists use the computer models to get their results.

Which brings me to the climate change narrative we are hearing and reading about in Canada. The media not only does not question the changed assumptions, but is an uncritical advocate for Prime Minister Trudeau’s “sunny ways” mantra. Which is absolute folly when you realize that in 2010, Canada’s emissions were only at 1.7% of the worlds emissions.

The carbon tax will also be a travesty because, contrary to what the politicians tell us, they will “not” be revenue neutral. Not only will more Canadians lose their jobs, but many manufacturers and exporters will close up shop because their prices will no longer be competitive internationally. As well, we will all have a reduction in our standard of living because our hydro and home heating costs will rise significantly.

Which is why, when I watched the video when former PM Stephen Harper said good-bye on Friday, August 26th, 2016, I was reminded of how self-destructive so many Canadians were to elect a progressive Liberal government whose Prime Minister and Cabinet wants to be a world leader on an environmental approach that is based on a scam.

Message to TDSB’s Grove School — Holistic education is “NOT” indoctrination

Click on image for SNN video on TDSB Grove School Protest

Yesterday and today the Sun New Network has been covering a mini-protest outside the Toronto Public Library in Parkdale by students, teachers and parents connected to a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) alternative “holistic” school called Grove Community School.

Above is a video with SNN’s David Menzies, as well as this one with Joe Warmington.

According to teacher Lee Hicks, the purpose for the “protest” was to allow the Grade 3 children to express their views about the “unfairness” of the B.C. Enbridge Gateway pipeline. As well, you will hear a parent expressing her view that both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Sun News are biased because they are pro-oil.

Hicks also said one of the main purposes for the school was to train children to become activists, particularly about the environment.Yet, interestingly, when I first checked out the website for the school, at least the one on the TDSB site, I did not find a single word, phrase or sentence about activism or the environment or that protests would be one-sided. However, later in the day I did. The school’s site is here.

On the TDSB main site it read that:

Collaboration is also modeled through democratic decision-making. Teachers encourage all students to share their ideas, opinions and feelings,and to explore different points of view.”  

Then, at the main website under Core Values it states that:

“We are committed to creating a school that challenges individual and systemic biases that cause inequality, including racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.” 

So how is teaching children about the “unfairness” of the proposed Gateway Pipeline project exploring different points of view? And, how is it that the parent in the video can consider the PM and SNN biased when the focus of the entire Grove protest theme is about bias — the school’s systematic bias?

Plus, as a former curriculum specialist, I would suggest it is pure hogwash for Hicks to suggest that the students chose the topics themselves — given how complex the issues were. Look, I have taught Grade 3. I have also tested and worked with Grade 3’s in my private practice.

Even the brightest eight and nine-year olds don’t choose such complex abstract concepts without the help of the adults in their lives — an idea that is consistent with developmental theory

However, perhaps saddest of all, is that what happened yesterday is the antithesis of holistic education. For that you need to read  about A.S. Neill’s Summerhill in the UK. True holistic education provides ample opportunities for freedom of expression, differences of opinions and freedom to learn, create and play.

Whereas yesterday, there was only brainwashing and indoctrination against a legitimate energy sector and a legitimately elected federal government which has to look out for the economic interests of the whole country, not just downtown Toronto.

In my opinion, then, the Grove Community School protest we witnessed on the Menzies video was a form of child abuse because children were being used as tools to represent their parents’ views — the opposite to what might have occurred had the children been presented with both sides of this issue.


Update 1 @ 8:30pm: I have updated the text because when I wrote the original post, the only website that was available was the main TDSB site with no indication of a school site. Yet, when I went back this evening, the link to the school site was not only there, but live. So, the minor revisions include information from the Core Values of the school.

Update 2 @ 10pm: I just did some research as to where Grove Community School is located and there is a certain amount of irony. Dufferin Grove includes the Dovercourt, Bloor and Ossington neighbourhood where I grew up. In fact, I attended the old Dewson Street Elementary School building (which was demolished and rebuilt in the mid 1960s) for a few years before my family moved to Quebec and then Ottawa where I attended high school.

Mind you, the demographics in Dufferin Grove would have been very different back in the 1950s.  But I can certainly visualize the area. I remember two teachers’ names : Miss Moore in Grade 5 (who I didn’t like because she used a ruler across my knuckles in front of the whole class for asking the student in the desk next to me for help) and Mr. Nicholson in Grade 6 (who I liked very much because he encouraged me to excel which I did).