Anti Trump & CPC leadership media bias in Canada & US


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The media and Left inspired nastiness regarding all things Trump and conservative politics these days is horrendous and non-stop.

Turn on the TV or your Twitter feed or pick up any newspaper, and the headlines say it all.

For example, on Twitter I read that a Liberal MP believes that Canada’s Conservative Party was responsible for the Quebec Mosque massacre. Politicizing the deaths is, of course, disgusting. Luckily former Conservative Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, corrected that faulty information.

As well, I have read and heard for months now,  that Conservative Leadership Candidate Kellie Leitch is anti-Canadian because she wants to vet newcomers from Muslim countries.

Of course, anything I hear or read about President Trump I take with a grain of sale — such as his latest behaviour at his most recent Press Conference. The media said he was unhinged whereas I thought the reverse.

Blah, blah, blah.


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In the US of course it is anti-Trump 24/7. In fact, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that the mainstream journalists there are the ones who are “unhinged.”

President Trump is simply a showman, always has been and always will be.

Trump is also not beholden to anyone for anything. As a result, the media need to get used to him “telling it like it is” because it is his authenticity that supporters like about him.

As to Kellie Leitch and the Canadian Conservative Leadership campaign, there is, unfortunately some nastiness going on within the campaign. As I wrote here, Leitch has been attacked by several of her fellow Conservative leadership candidates, including Lisa Raitt.

In any event, while I like Leitch, I am leaning towards Andrew Scheer. Why? Because he is a young family man, much like PM Trudeau. As a result, I believe the media’s comparison to the current PM will be more favourable.

Scheer is also not going to be controversial because he is a known personality, having been Speaker of the House of Commons. Besides, in my opinion, Scheer is most like a young Stephen Harper. Meaning, while he does not glow with charisma, he has experience and statesman-like dignity.

The crux of the matter is that I will leave this thread open to provide a space where regular readers can discuss and debate the CPC leadership contest in the weeks and days leading up to the May 2017 vote.

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Hamilton cast insult to VP Elect Pence why voters fed up with “diversity”


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On Friday night, November 18th, 2016, U.S. Vice-President Elect Mike Pence went to the Broadway play “Hamilton.” In spite of being a paying customer like everyone else, not only did he get booed by the audience, but preached to by the lead actor — Brandon Victor Dixon — from the stage at the end of the play. (H/T NewsWatchCanada).  See also this link with video.

Dixon’s message? “We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights….We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

Such arrogance! Pence goes out with some family members for a relaxing evening to watch a historical play and he is booed and trashed. Some tweets that I saw related to the matter said Pence had the abuse coming to him because he was a public figure.

Talk about dehumanizing someone — the very complaint liberals have against conservatives. Which makes me wonder what happened to the “love trumps hate” mantra?

Anyway, let’s look at Dixon’s statement. I interpret his “diverse America” phrase to refer only to people of color and minorities (including those in the U.S. illegally). Has it not occurred to Dixon et al that maybe all those whites out there in the interior of the U.S., particularly white males, you know like those who voted in droves for President Elect Donald J. Trump, don’t feel included?

We conservative Canadians understand liberal arrogance and the “we are the only ones who have the correct values.” Our current Liberal PM Justin Trudeau, who the mainstream media got elected a year ago after trashing former Conservative PM Stephen Harper day in and day out for ten years, travelled around the world after the October 2015 election telling anyone who would listen that “Canada is back.” Back? From where? What everyone knew, however, is that Trudeau meant the “Liberals were back.”

Anyway, my point to compare this U.S. electoral issue to a Canadian context is the similarity of the role of the media calling, implying or hinting that conservatives are not only nasty people, but racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes and bigots.

Not true, any of it, at least for most conservatives, and we are fed up with such negative stereotyping. I mean, when voters are beat up because they voted for Trump, they were afraid to put up a Trump election sign for fear of vandalism, or were afraid to even admit they supported Trump, it is the liberals who have a diversity problem, not conservatives.

In fact, in my opinion, the crux of the matter is that conservatives are actually more inclusive than liberals because to us, the concept of diversity actually encompasses everyone — including white males, college educated or not, and Christians.

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Endnote: This is what tolerance sounds like — Pence responds that he wasn’t offended by Dixon’s message at Hamilton play.