Beware Trudeau sneaky vote re Motion 103 on Islamophobia

Apparently Canada’s governing Liberals are going to try to hide their vote on Motion-103, the Islamophobia motion that tries to shut down any debate or criticism about Islam.

Why? Because M-103 is coming back to the House of Commons for debate this week, just before the Liberal federal budget is tabled. Meaning, that any news coverage on the final vote of M-103 will be swamped by budget coverage.

How do I know this? I got an email this morning from CPC Leadership Candidate Pierre Lemieux and I paraphrase three questions from his letter: (1) Do you have a valid concern about Islam, (2) Do you disagree with Sharia Law, and (3) Are you uneasy about radical Islamic terrorism? I would answer yes to at least Questions 2 and 3.

Yet, as Lemieux goes on to write: “The Liberals voted down all amendments to that Motion and now M-103 is coming back to the House….Once the debate ends tomorrow, it [the Liberals] will move to an immediate voice vote. If Conservatives do not “stand five” MPs to force a formal recorded vote, then we will never know who voted for or against M-103.

Well, Canada, you voted for these Liberals. It is not hard to see that this M-103 is simply the preamble to something bigger and more dangerous. And, no, that concern is not paranoia or Islamophobia. For example, the President of Turkey recently told Turks living in the EU to expand their families, so that in time, they would be the majority.

And, as a majority in Europe or elsewhere, what would that mean? There is an Arab folk tale about the camel and the master.  At the start, the master is sleeping in the tent and the camel is outside. By the end of the story, the camel is in the tent and the master outside.  And, we all know what that metaphor implies.

The crux of the matter is that Liberal MPs should not pass this Motion because ultimately it, and any decisions related to it, makes Islam more important and relevant than the Judeo-Christian values and system of law upon which this great country was founded.

Happy New Year Canada in spite of “10 Leading Misfires” by Trudeau Gov’t in 2016

trudeau-misfiresHappy New Year, Canada, in spite of the following ten leading misfires by the Trudeau Government in 2016. Are the CPC Leadership candidates paying attention?


# 10. Trudeau’s failure to show up for work. (If the Opposition was going to hold the PM accountable, Trudeau would make appointments at the same time as Question Period so that he didn’t have to be accountable.)

# 9. The massive Paris delegation. (Canadian taxpayers paid for 383 people to attend.)

# 8. The moving scandal. (Canadian taxpayers paid for Trudeau’s PMO staff to move to Ottawa. I can understand some expenses being paid, but $200,000?)

# 7. Cancelling Conservative tax breaks. (Ah yes, Conservative tax breaks are bad while Liberal ones are good.)

# 6. Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide or Islamic terrorism. (Sure sounds like Barak Obama. Remember the Barbaric Practices Help line that Kellie Leitch was trashed in the mainstream media for, no one, that I know of, ever mentioned the reality that young girls were, and are, being mutilated.)

# 5. Praise for Fidel Castro. (I believe the satire Twitter page handled that issue perfectly. Trudeau learned that his cult of personality can disappear in a flash. Now, maybe we can read and hear the truth from our media about the dumb things Trudeau says and does. Well, at least I can hope!)

# 4. The reckless spending by Trudeau Ministers. (Not surprising, I suppose, as the Liberal Party are the Party of “I’m entitled to my entitlements.”)

# 3. Refusing to hold a referendum on our voting system. (May I remind Liberals, 39.5% of the popular vote does not give them a mandate to change anything without a referendum? Remember, Stephen Harper won with 39.6% of the vote and progressives and liberals would never have stood for such arrogance.)

# 2. The Cash for Access scandal (So much for a Trudeau Government doing things differently. Same old, same old. Just like in Ontario with the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals.  They are answerable to no one.)

# 1. The Crippling Liberal Deficit and Debt. (Nothing needs to be said here. Canadian voters should have known the Liberals would tax and spend their way forward.)

The crux of the matter is whether the CPC Leadership candidates are paying attention to the Trudeau misfires and deciding what they stand for as a political party. Because, come May, 2017, what we don’t need is another politically correct party and Liberal Lite Leader. There is a reason Kellie Leitch is ahead at the moment. She gets it. She is willing to name the reality facing us in 2017 — Islamic terrorism.

Think about it. Most of us older than 50 grew up with neighbours and friends from all over the world, from different cultures and different religions. We didn’t even use the words diverse and inclusive then. For the most part, we simply accepted our differences. Now, it has changed as some new Canadians want us to change to conform to the world view of their country of origin. That is something we cannot and should not do and the candidates should not be afraid to say so.

Yes, the Liberals have misfired. Yes, for the most part, the media overlooks all those misfires. But Conservative voters have not overlooked them, something the candidates should keep in mind.

Trudeau Liberals & CPC leadership candidates misread Trump win at their peril

trump-wins-the-us-electionI found it interesting that Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, our selfie and sunny ways PM, thinks he will get along with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump, no problem.

Talk about naivety and arrogance!

In fact, just visualizing the two of them together makes me smile — a mature accomplished billionaire versus a trust-fund middle aged man who got to be our PM because of his last name and through the same type of media manipulation that the U.S. media used for Barack Obama — but failed to do for Hillary Clinton.

However, most of the Canadian media doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the Trump vote result. For example, I watched Rosie Barton (who I like) and her Power Panel on CBC’s Power and Politics last night just to see what they took from the Trump election result.

Well, her liberal and progressive partisan guest panelists (Ian Capstick and Amanda Alvaro) seemed to be absolutely gob smacked. Tim Powers, the token conservative on the panel, did well however, explaining what the Trump could mean for Canadians. But Capstick seemed to have an overblown emotional breakdown right there on live TV. In fact, Rosie herself seemed positively stunned and seemed to tear up when she watched a few seconds of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech.

Good grief! The sky in North America is not falling!

Interestingly, I can still remember that some of those same panelists constantly suggested, even after they got a majority in May of 2011, that the Harper Conservatives were illegitimate because they only had 39.6% of the popular vote.

Yet, somehow the Liberals under Justin Trudeau received a “mandate” to do whatever they want — including completely changing the way we vote —  with 39.5% of the popular vote — a point less than the Conservatives got.

It’s called bias and intolerance because liberals and progressives truly believe they are right about everything. So, anyone who holds a different vision to theirs is unjust, racist, misogynist, bigoted, narrow minded and hateful.

Meaning, that when anyone holds a different view, they are supposedly guilty of spewing hate speech. For example, Vox writes that the Globe and Mail actually wrote a “Dear America” piece asking Americans not to vote for Donald Trump. And, I have heard that some university students in California had to skip classes they were so upset.

Good grief! As a former academic all I can do is scratch my head. Do their professors not teach them how to debate any more? Obviously not.

True, Trump has made lewd comments. But all the complaints against him regarding sexual misconduct are allegations and nothing more — complaints alleged to have been instigated by the Democratic National Committee.

Regardless, in spite of those questionable complaints, millions of American women voted for Trump because of his message of hope for jobs, as well as his rejection of elites and insiders. Frankly, I also think the women who voted for Trump looked at his children and figured the way they turned out was more of a true measure of the man than off hand comments he made years ago.

Anyway, the metaphor that comes to mind regarding that kind of liberal peripheral blindness is a group of horses with blinkers on hauling a large group of people in a wagon. Since the horses can only look straight ahead and don’t see what is actually going on around them or what is happening to the people in the wagon, they push ahead regardless.

Which brings me to the current lackadaisical Conservative leadership race. Apart from Kellie Leitch, who is thankfully ignoring a trashing by the Canadian media for her stance on Canadian values, most candidates seem oblivious to the reality that what conservative leaning Canadian voters want —  a leader that is VERY different from Trudeau. Yet, read this Brampton Guardian piece and it seems that what bothers most of the CPC candidates is not what the Liberals are doing but fear of offending anyone.

The crux of the matter is that I am sick and tired of liberals crying shame whenever a woman openly supports Trump. I am also sick and tired of PM Trudeau and his caucus claiming they have a mandate to do whatever they want and the Canadian liberal loving media usually agreeing with them.

Millions of Canadian conservatives are watching and waiting. Whether it be the First Passed the Post voting system (FPTP) or some other Canadian system, 2019 can’t come soon enough! I can only hope that the CPC leader elected in 2017 is ready to do and say what is necessary to win.

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Endnote: Welcome Jacksnewswatch and NewsWatchCanada readers. Want to read a liberal media hatched job on President Elect Trump? Read Andrew Coyne’s column in today’s National Post.  I used to like Coyne’s columns but unfortunately he has become a liberal shrill.

Trudeau proposal at Liberal Convention vs Stephen Harper record

Justin Trudeau at Winnipeg Convention 1030After reading his very balanced analysis of former PM Stephen Harper’s ten years in power, I agree with Michael Den Tandt that history will be kind to the former PM. In fact, I believe that, since no human being is perfect, he will eventually be seen as one of Canada’s best PM’s.

Now, compare Den Tandt’s Harper record, both pro and con, to the last seven months of the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government, including what is going on at the Liberal Convention in Winnipeg this weekend.

Ah, yes, everything is now sunny ways. Except it isn’t! Elbowgate comes to mind. While I don’t want to make a big deal out of that incident, one thing was clear. When things are not going Mr. Trudeau’s way, he just might barge in to make sure everyone behaves as he thinks they should.

At the Liberal Convention in Winnipeg, for example, Mr. Trudeau is aggressively promoting a change to the federal Liberal Party Constitution that would allow anyone to become part of, at no cost, what the current PM is calling “a Liberal Movement.” Whatever that is supposed to mean. One thing is for sure, Liberal party loyalty will go by the wayside if there are no longer any grassroots “members.”

And, yes, many of those grassroots are complaining. I mean, when even liberal-friendly Joan Bryden is questioning the rate and kind of change Mr. Trudeau is recommending for his party, you have to know that Liberal leadership arrogance has already set in.

On the complaints about the Trudeau proposal, Bryden writes:

While the proposal is being touted as a way to throw open the doors of the party, it has raised hackles among rank and file Liberals who suspect it will actually turn the party into a different kind of exclusive club, one in which the leader and his cronies run the party as they see fit.

Of course, the irony is obvious. For years we heard that Stephen Harper was a controller who had a hidden agenda and, as such, was going to change the face of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), if not all of Canada.

Well, as Den Tandt summarizes, Harper wasn’t the controller people claimed he was, he didn’t have a hidden agenda and he left both the CPC and Canada in good procedural and fiscal shape.

I wonder, will Liberals be able to say the same by 2019? I doubt it!

In my opinion, then, I believe that history will judge Stephen Harper’s leadership legacy, both to his party and his government, to be superior to that of Justin Trudeau’s.

Media discovering Trudeau & his PMO not different from Harper’s

Trudeau in Saskatoon 1030Many in the Canadian mainstream media have been waxing lyrical over Liberal PM Justin Trudeau since he was elected last fall. In fact, sometimes the fawning has been embarrassing and Kardashian.

For example, I can’t remember where I saw it this week, but I read a column by a female reporter in a UK online paper that referred to our PM as Mr. Hotpants. Now, if that is not Kardashian, I don’t know what is.

Which brings me to the main point of this post. The PM is popular with the media, that we know. So, who are pulling his strings? How different is his PMO and former PM Stephen Harper’s?

Remember, Mr. Harper was always described as secretive and a control freak and that his staff went out of their way to keep he and his Cabinet away from Canadian reporters — at least from those in the national media.

Hmmm. So, let’s look at some of what we know about how Mr. Trudeau spent this week.

First there was the Cabinet retreat. As Mark Bonokoski wrote in the Sun earlier this week, when the Cabinet and the PM arrived in Alberta’s Kananaskis for a Cabinet retreat, only a “family” photo op was allowed.

No questions were permitted and certainly no details — although some facts about the agenda did leak out over the two days of the retreat, like a presentation on deliverology.

Then, yesterday, according to journalist David Akin, Mr. Trudeau made an historic visit to Shoal Lake 40, a Native reserve on the border between Ontario and Manitoba.

That reserve has been asking for federal government financial and expert help to deal with their drinking water problem for years and have been under a water advisory for 17 of those years!  So, the fact that the PM was visiting was newsworthy.

Good on Mr. Trudeau for visiting. The problem, however, is that Canadians, who paid the bill for the PM’s travel, are not going to find out the reason for the visit until a U.S. media outlet is ready to share their documentary.

Specifically, Akin says that Kate Purchase, the Director of Communications in the Trudeau PMO, advised all the Canadian media, including APTN, that they could not record the visit in any format because VICE Media, a New York based operation, was using the visit to prepare a documentary.

Meaning, Mr. Trudeau was more concerned about his media image and message control than he was about either the Shoal Lake drinking water problem or communicating to Canadians in real time.

The crux of the matter is that the Canadian media, the same media that constantly decried former PM Harper’s message control, is now seeing that the more these things change, the more they stay the same.

So much for sunny ways. So much for transparency. So much for doing things differently.

One hopes that the lack of media access at these two events at least removes the glossy shine on Mr. Trudeau’s halo.