Happy New Year Canada in spite of “10 Leading Misfires” by Trudeau Gov’t in 2016

trudeau-misfiresHappy New Year, Canada, in spite of the following ten leading misfires by the Trudeau Government in 2016. Are the CPC Leadership candidates paying attention?


# 10. Trudeau’s failure to show up for work. (If the Opposition was going to hold the PM accountable, Trudeau would make appointments at the same time as Question Period so that he didn’t have to be accountable.)

# 9. The massive Paris delegation. (Canadian taxpayers paid for 383 people to attend.)

# 8. The moving scandal. (Canadian taxpayers paid for Trudeau’s PMO staff to move to Ottawa. I can understand some expenses being paid, but $200,000?)

# 7. Cancelling Conservative tax breaks. (Ah yes, Conservative tax breaks are bad while Liberal ones are good.)

# 6. Refusing to call ISIS atrocities a genocide or Islamic terrorism. (Sure sounds like Barak Obama. Remember the Barbaric Practices Help line that Kellie Leitch was trashed in the mainstream media for, no one, that I know of, ever mentioned the reality that young girls were, and are, being mutilated.)

# 5. Praise for Fidel Castro. (I believe the satire Twitter page handled that issue perfectly. Trudeau learned that his cult of personality can disappear in a flash. Now, maybe we can read and hear the truth from our media about the dumb things Trudeau says and does. Well, at least I can hope!)

# 4. The reckless spending by Trudeau Ministers. (Not surprising, I suppose, as the Liberal Party are the Party of “I’m entitled to my entitlements.”)

# 3. Refusing to hold a referendum on our voting system. (May I remind Liberals, 39.5% of the popular vote does not give them a mandate to change anything without a referendum? Remember, Stephen Harper won with 39.6% of the vote and progressives and liberals would never have stood for such arrogance.)

# 2. The Cash for Access scandal (So much for a Trudeau Government doing things differently. Same old, same old. Just like in Ontario with the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals.  They are answerable to no one.)

# 1. The Crippling Liberal Deficit and Debt. (Nothing needs to be said here. Canadian voters should have known the Liberals would tax and spend their way forward.)

The crux of the matter is whether the CPC Leadership candidates are paying attention to the Trudeau misfires and deciding what they stand for as a political party. Because, come May, 2017, what we don’t need is another politically correct party and Liberal Lite Leader. There is a reason Kellie Leitch is ahead at the moment. She gets it. She is willing to name the reality facing us in 2017 — Islamic terrorism.

Think about it. Most of us older than 50 grew up with neighbours and friends from all over the world, from different cultures and different religions. We didn’t even use the words diverse and inclusive then. For the most part, we simply accepted our differences. Now, it has changed as some new Canadians want us to change to conform to the world view of their country of origin. That is something we cannot and should not do and the candidates should not be afraid to say so.

Yes, the Liberals have misfired. Yes, for the most part, the media overlooks all those misfires. But Conservative voters have not overlooked them, something the candidates should keep in mind.