ONPC Leader Brown needs to drop carbon tax & be conservative

patrick-brown 1030Every time I read about ONPC Leader Patrick Brown, I cringe because I know he is going to put his foot in his mouth yet again.

Yes, I know Ontarians need to get rid of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals. Their climate change, cap and trade fiasco is destroying us drip by drip. By all means, we need to take care of our environment. But, for heavens sake, is it too much to ask that our PC Leader worry less about carbon emissions and more about businesses leaving Ontario because of sky high hydro rates?

Yet, Brown keeps digging a hole by endlessly talking about he favours a carbon tax. (H/T Jack’s Newswatch). Well, here is my personal message to him on that topic.

Dear Mr. Brown:

I would dearly love to be able to promote you every day on this blog (and Twitter) but I can’t bring myself to do so yet because you sound so Liberal Lite. In fact, you seem so intent on getting the media to like you and give you decent coverage, you are selling out the soul of the Ontario PC Party.

Face it, in the eyes of the mainstream media, you are a conservative. No, it doesn’t matter if you are a progressive conservative. Just that you are the enemy. Yup, just like the U.S. media hates Donald J. Trump, the Ontario media hates you. But, just as the voters in the U.S. ignored the trashing of Trump in the media, we Ontario conservatives know how to do the same.

Look, I once was involved in the ONPC Party, in fact I was involved in it for decades as your pal Rick Dykstra will tell you. He was once my MP and I blogged positively about him for years. I also worked as an EA and Communications Advisor for a PC MPP during the first Mike Harris mandate. So, I know you have to come to grips with not being liked by the Toronto Star.

The crux of the matter is that the only people you need to like you are Ontario Conservatives and those voters who know Ontarian needs a change in government and will vote PC for that change.

In other words, don’t even try to get the progressives to vote for you. They won’t. However, what we need to know now — a year before the 2018 vote — is what your key messages will be and how those messages will separate you from the Liberals. In particular, we will need to know that you have not only cancelled the cap and trade program, but dropped the notion of a carbon tax!

As such, I look forward to a new Ontario Government run by a PC leader — which stands for Progressive Conservative, not Politically Correct.


Current ONPC Leader Patrick Brown should step down

patrick-brown 1030I agree with the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington (H/T JNW) that Patrick Brown should resign as the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Why? Because the man has changed to such a degree, those who voted for him feel betrayed.

Why? Apparently because he has evolved from a conservative into a liberal. Yes, there is a “progressive” component to progressive conservative. But, not to the point where you have morphed into a liberal.

I mean, if you listen to him carefully, he sounds just like Liberal Premier Wynne on at least two important topics.

First, Brown promised, when he was in the midst of the PC leadership campaign, that he would scrap the Ontario sex ed curriculum if elected as Premier. Now, however, he has “evolved” to apparently believe that if the sex education curriculum was scrapped, it would bring about intolerance to LGBT people.

What absolute nonsense.

I taught curriculum design and development to prospective teachers for years. A broad provincial curriculum document in health and physical education (which is where the sex ed topics are located) should not be about indoctrination and social engineering. Rather, it should be about the basics of human health and development which of course includes physical, emotional and sexual maturation.

Meaning, what Brown should have said when he was running for leader was that a PC Government would make sure the sex ed curriculum was reviewed and revised to reflect the maturation level of children at each grade level — which it currently does not.

Second, shortly after being elected Leader Brown agreed with Premier Wynne’s Liberals that the science surrounding man-caused (AGW) global warming theory was settled and that some kind of carbon tax would be a good idea.

Look, I understand that conservatives care about the environment just as much as progressives do but we are sceptical of a theory that is all about income redistribution — and that is frankly what a carbon tax is reputed to do. One company has high emissions so another pays a tax to offset those high emissions. Like me going on a diet so a friend of mine can say they are losing weight!

Anyway, conservative leaning Ontarians, apart from Brown it seems, know full well that the Cap and Trade System that the Wynne Liberals want to get into, or are already into, will cost taxpayers billions and do absolutely nothing for the environment.

So, what does Brown say now when confronted with these and other changes in his beliefs since he was elected leader? He says if you want a rigid ideologue, vote for someone else. Nice! The problem is, Ontario conservatives will not vote for someone else. They simply won’t vote. Which means, the Wynne Liberals will win another majority in 2018.

In my opinion then, the crux of the matter is that if Patrick Brown really cares about his political party and Ontarians, he will step down now as PC leader to give the PC Party time to elect another leader — a conservative that is congruent in his or her beliefs both before they are elected leader and after — in time for the 2018 Ontario election.

Memo to Patrick Brown: Ontarians need new vision, not AGW

Why on earth is Ontario Progressive Conservative (ONPC) leader Patrick Brown supporting Anthropogenic Global Warming theory and a carbon tax? For example, check out this National Post column.

So, Brown says he wants to do something about the environment. Fine. Pollution controls? Renewables through consensus? Recycling? Sustainable development? By all means.

But believing that human-kind can alter the global temperature and that a carbon tax is revenue neutral? A carbon tax is about taxation. It will not modify the province’s emissions.

So, here we are at a point in 2016 when Ontario voters clearly realize the truth that they are governed provincially by an increasingly incompetent and sleazy Liberal Government. And, as such, I believe most voters are likely ready for change.

As a result, I would ask the Ontario PC Party and its leader do is take a step back and look at political reality — starting with Ontario’s electoral map from 2014.

What they will see is NDP orange in the north, with some Liberal red, and PC blue all over Southern Ontario with small pockets of Liberal red.

So, given that electoral reality and knowing full well what rural municipalities and farmers in Southern Ontario are putting up with (in terms of unwanted wind turbines), I believe Brown and his PCs will lose again in 2018 as long as they stick to their current position to link the care of our environment with AGW.

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Endnote: For a really good read about what is wrong with those who push AGW, read this post on the Cult of Climate Change (H/T JNW). It is by Ari Helperin. No doubt he is trashed by all warmists but what he writes makes sense. He was born in the Soviet Union. He knows how this type of propaganda can take hold of a society.

Stats Can proof that ONPC Leader Tim Hudak’s 1 million jobs plan CAN work!

Macleans published an article by Mike Moffat on Monday, January 13th, 2014 suggesting that ONPC Leader Tim Hudak’s one million jobs plan, while ambitious and not impossible, will need a great deal of luck to become a reality. To prove that point, Moffat uses employment data for Ontario from Statistics Canada for the period 1977 to 2013.

In my opinion, what the Stats Canada tables and data prove is just the opposite to what Moffat is suggesting, that it doesn’t take luck, it takes good government policies — policies that create a climate for investment and spending.  In actual fact, what Moffat writes proves my point, not his. For example, he writes:

“One million jobs over eight years means that the Ontario economy would need to average 125,000 jobs a year over this period (which is represented by the “target” line on our graph). Since 1976 the Ontario economy has averaged only 85,000 net new jobs a year, though there have been many years that have exceeded the 125,000 threshold (1979, 1981, 1983-1988, 1997-2000 and 2003).”

I will repeat part of the last line of Moffat’s quotation. “…there have been many years that have exceeded the 125,000 threshold.” So, what is his point? That the Ontario economy would need to average 125,000 a year when the job numbers for the years 1997-2000 and 2003 were even higher. And, who was in power then? The Ontario Progressive Conservative Governments of Mike Harris and Ernie Eves.

Now, I may not be an economist like Moffat, but I can read tables. So, let’s verify his Statistics Canada numbers, keeping in mind that the red line is the annual 125,000 job target line he is talking about.  The easiest way to do this analysis is to hold a short ruler sideways above the year. Here is what you will get — recognizing that the numbers are approximate:

  • 1995 – 75,000 jobs were created in Ontario
  • 1996 – 65,000
  • 1997 – 100,000
  • 1998 – 150,000
  • 1999 – 185,000
  • 2000 – 185,000
  • 2001 – 105,000
  • 2002 – 125,000
  • 2003 – 185,000

So, the grand total of jobs created over 8 years from 1995 to 2003 is 1,175,000.

Which means, that without a shadow of a doubt, with the right pro-business and investment policies in place, an ONPC Tim Hudak government can indeed create one million jobs.

How will they do that?  Certainly not by depending “on luck.” According to what Hudak has said, they will lower both personal and corporate taxes. They will also loosen or reduce red tape for businesses because regulation compliance costs employee time and money.

And, anyone who doubts (as some commenters under the Moffat article do) there are rules and regulations on the Ontario Government’s books that impede entrepreneurship, has never been in business for themselves.

Anyway, the result is that when Ontarians have more money in their pockets, they buy products and services. And, when businesses have more money because they are selling more of their products or services, that increase in purchasing power results in a booming economy. And, with more demand, businesses hire more people and new businesses are created.

Of course, when more people are working, more tax revenues flow into the Ontario government’s coffers — which is exactly what happened between 1995 and 2003.

Yet, how often do we hear complaints from the Ontario Liberals and Liberal supporters that Mike Harris somehow “destroyed” Ontario. Well, the proof is in these statistics. What is also obvious in these statistics is, apart from the Liberal Peterson years from 1985 to 1989, how NDP and Liberal governments mean the death of jobs, huge deficits and “have not” status.

I mean, look at that Stats Can table again and note the two Death Valley drops in jobs during both the Bob Rae 1990-1994 NDP years and the Dalton McGuinty 2007 to 2009 years — when between 150,000 to 185,000 jobs were lost a year!

As well, note that job growth was at a peak when the Ontario Liberals took over from the PCs in mid 2003, a peak that disappeared very quickly after Ontarians were hit with the biggest tax grab ever —  the health care premium — followed by the devastating effect of the Ontario Green Energy Act and the resulting FIT Program and its job killing energy costs.

The crux of the matter is, then, that ONPC Leader Tim Hudak’s plan to create a million jobs in Ontario over eight years CAN work. Can he guarantee it will work? Of course not. But, what is the alternative? As Moffat has written about Kathleen Wynne’s job plan, it wouldn’t create a single job!!


Endnote: I have listened to Mike Moffat (whose day job is as an economics professor at the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario), several times on various TV news programs, including Sun TV, and he always seems politically balanced and fair. Kudos to him for that!!!

Hudak Townhall in NOTL proves PCs have a plan for prosperity!

Town hall in NOTL
Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre

Last night Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak held a townhall meeting in the Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre with local PC candidate (and former two-time MPP) Bart Maves.

This riding is formally called Niagara Falls and includes not only the City of Niagara Falls but the geographic area from Niagara-on-the-Lake straight through to Fort Erie.

Traditionally a bellwether riding, how it goes, the province usually goes. Federally, for example, it is held by Conservative MP Rob Nicholson, who is also the Minister of National Defence.

And, with local Liberal MPP Kim Craitor, a well liked man, regardless of his party affiliation, retiring not long ago, it means that come what may, there will be a by-election here very soon.

Hopefully, Maves can be re-elected because Niagara needs help. As Hudak reminded us last night, fully 40% of the local manufacturing sector has left the area over the past decade leaving thousands unemployed regionally to add to the more than one million unemployed provincially.

Doubt the problem in Niagara had anything to do with Liberal policies? Well, checkout the Town of Fort Erie. It has suffered needlessly under the Liberals.

So what exactly would the Hudak-led PCs do to stop the bleeding and return Ontario (and Niagara) to prosperity?

Well, for one thing, they would put a plan in motion to balance its books, reduce taxes so Ontarians had more money to spend, and create an investment climate that is business friendly.

As I mentioned above regarding how Fort Erie has suffered under the Liberals, here is an open letter from PC Leader Hudak to Premier Wynn about what should be done for the provincial horse racing sector — proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, an Ontario PC government would not only be about cuts, it would be about RESTORING prosperity.

The PCs would also reform the education system to make sure student excellence is rewarded and that the funding formula is fair to rural communities that are located far from their urban school boards.

The reality is the Province of Ontario is experiencing a reduction of some 250,000 fewer children, yet education costs under the Liberals have gone up $8 billion dollars from a decade ago. That kind of increase simply doesn’t make economic sense and, in the long run, is unsustainable.

In the final analysis, the crux of the matter is that Ontarians need to get ready to get rid of the spend thrift, promise-breaking provincial Liberals by replacing them with the responsible and pragmatic Hudak-led PCs.


Update 5pm November 14th, 2013: I just heard that Heinz is going to shut down soon in Leamington putting up to 800 people out of work. Energy costs? Corporate taxes? Red Tape? What did the Liberal Government do that would cause this to happen? This company has been in that community for over a hundred years. Just think of the domino affect on the tomato farmers, the pickers, the farm equipment and seed suppliers and many other secondary industries! My thoughts go out to all those adversely affected.

ON PC Leader Hudak asks Premier Wynne to explain Liberal job creation plan

Click for Livestream Video.
Click for Livestream Video.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is right. During the last several months, since her election as Ontario Liberal leader, all Kathleen Wynne seems to have done is talk. In fact, I have actually heard her say that she needs to have “conversations” about this or that.

Or, in the case of the gas plant cancellation decision, she has repeatedly said, she was not part of “that” conversation.

Well, obviously, her talk is not cheap! Meaning, the time for her endless consulting and talking should be over.

In other words, Premier Wynne’s Liberal government needs to release a comprehensive plan that: (a) is a blueprint on how it plans to get Ontario’s fiscal house in order, and (b) explains in detail what it will do to create a climate for investment and private sector job creation.

Certainly raising hydro and other energy costs are deferring investment and causing existing business to leave the province in droves — and I haven’t even touched on the damage the Green Energy Act is causing, not only to the rural landscape, but to people and businesses!

Anyway, or those who want to know why not having a comprehensive jobs plan is a problem for Ontario’s unemployed or underemployed, (or for what the Hudak PCs would do differently), check out this link for the Livestream press conference this morning.

The crux of the matter is this: Ontario is currently spending $9 billion dollars more every year than it receives in revenue and there is no end to that deficit in sight! So, all Ontarians need to wake up, including NDP leader Andrea Horwath.  She needs to stop being an enabler to this nightmare.

As well,  as Joanne says at Blue Like You, Ontarians need to grow a backbone in preparation for the provincial election that will surely come within the next few months!

At least that is my hope!

My 2012 interview with ONPC leader Tim Hudak confirms his leadership potential!

Originally published on March 17th, 2012, my interview with Tim Hudak is worth republishing again to remind Ontario PCs and Ontarians fed up with the Ontario Liberals and NDP,  that he does indeed have the leadership and conservative credentials to do the job of turning Ontario around.

Continue reading “My 2012 interview with ONPC leader Tim Hudak confirms his leadership potential!”

Consensus media ignores fact ON Liberals rejected PC debt resolution

How many Ontarians know that Ontario PC MPP Ted Arnott tabled a resolution in the Ontario Legislature yesterday to develop a long-term debt plan? And, how many Ontarians know that the McGuinty Liberals rejected it outright? The answer is likely no one, or very few who are willing to talk about it.  Why? Because  the consensus media will not report anything that makes the McGuinty Liberals look bad and boy, does this rejection ever make them look bad!

Frankly, the only reason I know about this issue is because I am on the Ontario PC caucus e-mail list — you know, the same list that goes to the MSM.  Therefore, is it any wonder that some Ontario PC supporters assume leader Tim Hudak and the PC caucus are not doing enough or that press releases are ineffective. Well, readers can decide for themselves. Here is the news release and Hansard record I received today (and only available on Google so far), with a few brief quotes from it below:

“Despite the government’s rhetoric that this [Budget 2012] is an austerity budget, in fact, there is very little austerity in it. Spending is actually up over last year by almost $2 billion, from $124.6 billion to $126.4 billion. Last year’s deficit came in at $15.3 billion. This … budget projects a deficit of $15.2 billion.”

“Over the past year, the overall provincial debt that each Ontarian owes, will rise from $17,766 last year to $19,243 this year. It was $11,339 when the McGuinty government came to power in 2003. This government will have increased that number by almost $8000 for each and every Ontarian, in just nine years….”

“This year, they will pay more in interest on the debt than they will spend on post-secondary education, more than they’ll spend on transportation infrastructure and more than they will spend on economic development….”[My highlighting.]

So, is it any wonder the Ontario PCs won’t vote in favour of the current Liberal budget when they plan to increase spending by almost $2 billion dollars while only reducing the deficit from $15.3 in 2011 to $15.2 billion in 2012? Yet, somehow the Liberals think they can pay off the deficit by 2017. Magical thinking anyone?

Anyway, when the inevitable question comes up: “Yes, but what would Tim Hudak and his PC Party do that would be different from the McGuinty Liberals?” Well, take the time to either read my interview with Hudak or his verbatim response in the legislature to the budget. It’s all there. There is no equivocation. There is no closet progressive hiding behind his rhetoric. As he said to me, he comes out of the Mike Harris tradition and those values are how the PC Party would govern Ontario.

Endnote: Here is a post on the Ontario Debt clock by Jon Siemko at Tory Redux. It is also on my links list on the right sidebar (H/T Jen). I can’t put it up on my site, unfortunately,  because I am on the wordpress.com server and JavaScript is not allowed. As well, check out Joanne’s post about the McGuinty government “green energy” disaster, one of the main reasons behind Ontario’s fiscal problems.