ONPC Leader Brown needs to drop carbon tax & be conservative

patrick-brown 1030Every time I read about ONPC Leader Patrick Brown, I cringe because I know he is going to put his foot in his mouth yet again.

Yes, I know Ontarians need to get rid of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals. Their climate change, cap and trade fiasco is destroying us drip by drip. By all means, we need to take care of our environment. But, for heavens sake, is it too much to ask that our PC Leader worry less about carbon emissions and more about businesses leaving Ontario because of sky high hydro rates?

Yet, Brown keeps digging a hole by endlessly talking about he favours a carbon tax. (H/T Jack’s Newswatch). Well, here is my personal message to him on that topic.

Dear Mr. Brown:

I would dearly love to be able to promote you every day on this blog (and Twitter) but I can’t bring myself to do so yet because you sound so Liberal Lite. In fact, you seem so intent on getting the media to like you and give you decent coverage, you are selling out the soul of the Ontario PC Party.

Face it, in the eyes of the mainstream media, you are a conservative. No, it doesn’t matter if you are a progressive conservative. Just that you are the enemy. Yup, just like the U.S. media hates Donald J. Trump, the Ontario media hates you. But, just as the voters in the U.S. ignored the trashing of Trump in the media, we Ontario conservatives know how to do the same.

Look, I once was involved in the ONPC Party, in fact I was involved in it for decades as your pal Rick Dykstra will tell you. He was once my MP and I blogged positively about him for years. I also worked as an EA and Communications Advisor for a PC MPP during the first Mike Harris mandate. So, I know you have to come to grips with not being liked by the Toronto Star.

The crux of the matter is that the only people you need to like you are Ontario Conservatives and those voters who know Ontarian needs a change in government and will vote PC for that change.

In other words, don’t even try to get the progressives to vote for you. They won’t. However, what we need to know now — a year before the 2018 vote — is what your key messages will be and how those messages will separate you from the Liberals. In particular, we will need to know that you have not only cancelled the cap and trade program, but dropped the notion of a carbon tax!

As such, I look forward to a new Ontario Government run by a PC leader — which stands for Progressive Conservative, not Politically Correct.


Current ONPC Leader Patrick Brown should step down

patrick-brown 1030I agree with the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington (H/T JNW) that Patrick Brown should resign as the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Why? Because the man has changed to such a degree, those who voted for him feel betrayed.

Why? Apparently because he has evolved from a conservative into a liberal. Yes, there is a “progressive” component to progressive conservative. But, not to the point where you have morphed into a liberal.

I mean, if you listen to him carefully, he sounds just like Liberal Premier Wynne on at least two important topics.

First, Brown promised, when he was in the midst of the PC leadership campaign, that he would scrap the Ontario sex ed curriculum if elected as Premier. Now, however, he has “evolved” to apparently believe that if the sex education curriculum was scrapped, it would bring about intolerance to LGBT people.

What absolute nonsense.

I taught curriculum design and development to prospective teachers for years. A broad provincial curriculum document in health and physical education (which is where the sex ed topics are located) should not be about indoctrination and social engineering. Rather, it should be about the basics of human health and development which of course includes physical, emotional and sexual maturation.

Meaning, what Brown should have said when he was running for leader was that a PC Government would make sure the sex ed curriculum was reviewed and revised to reflect the maturation level of children at each grade level — which it currently does not.

Second, shortly after being elected Leader Brown agreed with Premier Wynne’s Liberals that the science surrounding man-caused (AGW) global warming theory was settled and that some kind of carbon tax would be a good idea.

Look, I understand that conservatives care about the environment just as much as progressives do but we are sceptical of a theory that is all about income redistribution — and that is frankly what a carbon tax is reputed to do. One company has high emissions so another pays a tax to offset those high emissions. Like me going on a diet so a friend of mine can say they are losing weight!

Anyway, conservative leaning Ontarians, apart from Brown it seems, know full well that the Cap and Trade System that the Wynne Liberals want to get into, or are already into, will cost taxpayers billions and do absolutely nothing for the environment.

So, what does Brown say now when confronted with these and other changes in his beliefs since he was elected leader? He says if you want a rigid ideologue, vote for someone else. Nice! The problem is, Ontario conservatives will not vote for someone else. They simply won’t vote. Which means, the Wynne Liberals will win another majority in 2018.

In my opinion then, the crux of the matter is that if Patrick Brown really cares about his political party and Ontarians, he will step down now as PC leader to give the PC Party time to elect another leader — a conservative that is congruent in his or her beliefs both before they are elected leader and after — in time for the 2018 Ontario election.

Memo to Patrick Brown: Ontarians need new vision, not AGW

Why on earth is Ontario Progressive Conservative (ONPC) leader Patrick Brown supporting Anthropogenic Global Warming theory and a carbon tax? For example, check out this National Post column.

So, Brown says he wants to do something about the environment. Fine. Pollution controls? Renewables through consensus? Recycling? Sustainable development? By all means.

But believing that human-kind can alter the global temperature and that a carbon tax is revenue neutral? A carbon tax is about taxation. It will not modify the province’s emissions.

So, here we are at a point in 2016 when Ontario voters clearly realize the truth that they are governed provincially by an increasingly incompetent and sleazy Liberal Government. And, as such, I believe most voters are likely ready for change.

As a result, I would ask the Ontario PC Party and its leader do is take a step back and look at political reality — starting with Ontario’s electoral map from 2014.

What they will see is NDP orange in the north, with some Liberal red, and PC blue all over Southern Ontario with small pockets of Liberal red.

So, given that electoral reality and knowing full well what rural municipalities and farmers in Southern Ontario are putting up with (in terms of unwanted wind turbines), I believe Brown and his PCs will lose again in 2018 as long as they stick to their current position to link the care of our environment with AGW.

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Endnote: For a really good read about what is wrong with those who push AGW, read this post on the Cult of Climate Change (H/T JNW). It is by Ari Helperin. No doubt he is trashed by all warmists but what he writes makes sense. He was born in the Soviet Union. He knows how this type of propaganda can take hold of a society.