Lisa Raitt’s condemnation of Kellie Leitch a disappointment

lisa-raitt-2What in heavens name is wrong with Conservative MP Lisa Raitt that she doesn’t see that Canadian conservatives are just as disgusted and fed up with political correctness as our cousins in the U.S.?

Believe it or not, Raitt is actually quoted in the Toronto Sun as saying that Leitch was race baiting and using cheap talk by insisting on the individual vetting of newcomers from Middle East countries — particularly refugees who have no papers! (H/T NewsWatchCanada)

Race baiting? Cheap talk?

Here is what Leitch actually says: (H/T Jack’s Newswatch)

All I’m advocating for is that when you go back to what we used to do in this country, that we meet every immigrant coming to the country, have a face to face interview, and ask them about Canadian values. I don’t think that’s asking too much and two-thirds of Canadians, average Canadians, agree with me…..

I don’t see any race baiting in that statement. Which makes me wonder how on Earth Raitt can make such arrogant and disgusting remarks about her colleague and fellow contestant Leitch.

Our world is under siege by Islamic terrorists and Raitt doesn’t think we should screen for those who might want to do us harm. I mean, there are millions of Muslims living peacefully in Canada. That’s fine. They know who they are. However, that doesn’t mean that Muslims coming into this country from the Middle East today want to live the same way.

Anyway, listen to what Raitt says to the Sun’s Bonokowski:

According to Raitt, Harper did not become the longest-serving Conservative prime minister since John A. Macdonald by being out of touch with the values and concerns of Canadian families.

“We were also thoughtful about how Canadians would hear our words,” Raitt said.

“We knew that the only path to victory was a united and inclusive party focused on improving the lives of ordinary Canadians….”

“If we want to bring conservative ideas back to government in 2019, we need a leader who can beat Justin Trudeau,” Raitt said.

“…Leitch can’t.

So Canadians deserve a candidate who is willing to stand up to them and their cheap talk.

“I will,” she vowed.

The crux of the matter is that most of the Conservative Leadership candidates are like the Democrats in the U.S. They have not only bought into identity politics and political correctness, they are living in an Ottawa bubble, completely unaware of what Canadian conservatives want in their next leader — someone who is sufficiently different from Justin Trudeau that they can offer a winnable alternative message.

What we don’t need is another “sunny ways” leader who ignores our need for security and safety so as not to offend anyone.

One thing is for sure, Lisa Raitt just lost my May 27th, 2017 vote for the leadership. While I like Kellie Leitch for the very reasons Raitt condemns her, I really hope that there is a “race” and that candidates like Erin O’Toole and Andrew Scheer do not fall into the same Liberal Lite politically correct rabbit hole as Raitt.


Former PM Stephen Harper thanks Canada & reminds CPC of their roots

Here is a YouTube video of a slightly shorter version of the fantastic final speech Mr. Harper gave last night at the Conservative Convention in Vancouver, as well as a full Transcript at the National Observer. In his speech Mr. Harper used the opportunity to thank Canadian voters and the many who contributed to a decade of successful Conservative governments.

When watching Mr. Harper give this final political speech, I was reminded what an amazing statesman he is. Unlike PM Justin Trudeau, he is not into selfies, nor is he a sunny ways type of personality. Yet, when he said that his wife “Laureen” was the love of his life, it confirmed that he is and was — authentic. What you saw was what you got!

Yet, as he said, there is no doubt that during the fall of 2015, the mood in Canada changed and, on October 19, 2015, more Canadians voted for Liberal candidates than they did the other political parties — bringing in a four-year period of change. The exact percentage of the popular vote was 39.5% for the Liberals in 2015 compared to 39.6%% for the Conservatives in 2011.

Meaning, contrary to the mainstream media and liberal narrative that followed the Conservative election defeat, the fact that the federal Liberals, under Justin Trudeau won, did not mean the ten Harper years were being rejected. Voters simply wanted change.

In fact, if you look at the actual numbers, you get a different picture altogether. For example, the Conservatives won a majority government in 2011 with 5,835,270 votes compared to 5,600,496 votes in 2015 (which was just over 200,000 fewer votes than in 2011).

Yet, the Liberals won in 2015 with 6,930,136 votes, which was approximately 1,300,000 votes more than the Conservatives. So, to put it bluntly, the Liberals won a “majority” in 2015, “not” because the Conservative “tone” was negative ( e.g., banning the niqab at citizenship ceremonies or suggesting a barbaric practices snitch line) but because the NDP vote collapsed from 2011 by over one million votes!

That’s the reality!

In the final analysis, however, what is especially interesting is that the Trudeau Liberals won a majority government with the exact same 39% of the vote as the Harper Conservatives did in 2011! Yet, I hear no complaints about the Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau being illegitimate as so many progressives claimed of the Harper Government.

In any case, I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Harper and all those who had a part in keeping Canada safe and fiscally sound for a decade. I also want to remind Canadians of the many accomplishments of the Conservative Government, not all of which the Liberals are planning to undo.

The crux of the matter is that Mr. Harper and his Conservative team won three governments, two minorities and one majority, because they campaigned and led from the centre, not as CINOs (conservative in name only) as some far-right advocates like to complain about, but simply as conservatives who understood their blended Reform PC roots.

Remember, like it or not, the most seats either the Reform Party or the NDP has ever won, has been Official Opposition status. Canada is a middle of the road country and Mr. Harper understood that.