Canadian PM Trudeau’s “sunny ways” really meant entitled “arrogant ways”

Trudeau caucus swearing in at Rideau Hall October 2015. Click for photo credit Ottawa Citizen.

How many Canadians remember the results of the Canadian federal election in 2015? It was a majority Liberal government under Justin Trudeau’s leadership. How did that happen?

It happened because the Liberals and the liberal media convinced voters that the Trudeau Liberals were different from the Adscam Liberals. They were “sunny ways” from beginning to end! Transparent, fair and equitable!

And, most important, of course, unlike the Harper Conservatives, the Liberal Cabinet would not be governing from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). No, no, never!

What hogwash that spin was.

Here we are, only a year and a half  later and we now know that these new Liberals are just as arrogant and entitled as the old ones — perhaps even more so.

A few examples of that attitude:

(1) The Trudeau Liberals continually try to shut down opposition debate and standing orders in the House of Commons by pretending they are trying to “modernize it.” In fact, the Liberals recently tried to change parliamentary rules so that the PM only had to be in Question Period once a week;

(2) Trudeau Cabinet Ministers take no personal responsibility to resign when they have been caught in outright lies. For example, Minister Maryam Monsef and the Liberal Party of Canada lied during the 2015 election campaign about where she was born– Iran as opposed to Afghanistan. Then, this past week, we learned that Defence Minister Harjjit Sajjan claimed to be Operation Medusa architect when he was not. A mistake? For sure. But an untruth nonetheless.

(3) PM Trudeau said in January, 2017, that the Liberals were going to end the cash-for-access Liberal fundraising. Well, he did something but it wasn’t to end them. We learned this week, he simply tweaked the policy around the edges. All they are going to change is to claim that all Liberal fundraising events are open to the public. Yea, sure. What non-Liberal is going to pay big bucks to attend such a partisan event?

(4) PM Trudeau billed Canadians taxpayers $127,000 for a Christmas vacation on a billionaires private island. That certainly takes a certain moxie of entitlement doesn’t it? So much for helping the middle class taxpayer.

(5) Then, of course, there is the issue of the role of staff in the PMO. Remember how the Liberals and liberal media berated the Harper PMO as too controlling. Well, guess what? The PMO under Trudeau is even more controlling. In fact, there are jokes that the PM’s senior adviser Gerald Butts is the man behind the curtain — meaning the real PM. Remember too that each Minister was given their marching orders after being sworn in.

(6) Today I learned that political correctness and identity politics is now running the country’s university human resource departments. Specifically, Chris Hannay of the Globe and Mail writes about the “targets” universities have to meet in terms of diversity of hiring — if they don’t want to lose their federal research chair funds. Pathetic to say the least.

Of course, I could go on and on (e.g., I didn’t even get into their outdated and unrealistic climate policies) but I believe my point is clear. Liberal progressive ideology is destroying the very fabric of Canada. The crux of the matter is that 2019 can’t come soon enough for Canadian voters to show the Trudeau gang the door.

Honesty challenged or flip-flopper, Ignatieff not fit to be PM

Is there anything Michael Ignatieff has said that he is unwilling to reverse? It seems not.  For example:

Flip-flopping or lying? Readers can be the judge. At the very least, Ignatieff changes his mind constantly as this page of Iggyisms on Blue Like You indicates. My favourite? On December 10th, 2008, Ignatieff said:  A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition. There you have it, flip-flopping in the same sentence.

The point of this post? That surely, whether Canadians are Liberal, NDP, Bloc or Green supporters, they would protest the outright abuse of democracy and the Canadian electoral process they are seeing and hearing from all three opposition parties — and vote for their Conservative candidate on May 2nd, 2011 for a Conservative majority government.

C/P Jack’s Newswatch.

Are “Entitled” Liberal MPs considering non-confidence motion?

The Hill-Times is reporting that the federal Liberal caucus is considering a non-confidence motion on the basis of a lack of “Conservative government” transparency. Well, if that is true, it clearly shows Canadians why Liberals, under their lacklustre leader Michael Ignatieff,  are not yet fit to return to power. They are not, in my opinion, a “government in waiting,” whether alone or as part of an NDP and Bloc coalition. And, for all those who are ready to minimize or ridicule what I am writing because “she is a Conservative partisan,” know this:

I am a former Progressive Conservative and, as such, apart from voting twice for Brian Mulroney in the 1980’s, I voted Liberal for most of my adult life — until 2006. Yet, for me, as for a lot of former Liberal supporters, the Sponsorship Scandal was the last straw.

So, when today’s Liberals talk about transparency in government, we are reminded of that betrayal for which they were punished by the electorate in 2006. But, have they learned anything? It seems they have not because I have never heard them say what they would do differently if they were re-elected with enough seats to govern. Have they rehabilitated themselves? Not that I have seen. Rather, during the past two years, all I have seen and heard them do — along with a very anti-Conservative biased media — is scheme how they can form a coalition without a majority.

Is the Conservative government perfect? No, they are not. It is a human institution after all, affected by the work of thousands of public servants. But, somehow they have managed to accomplish a fair bit.

Which reminds me of what happened during last October’s municipal election in Toronto. The more Mayor Rob Ford was denounced, the higher his ratings went. Are we going to see the same phenomenon with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his governing Tories? Given the latest polls, I think so. Look also at this Google page where there are over two million and a half entries on how Ford won, in spite of a very nasty anti-Ford media campaign.

Which means, that if the “entitled” Liberals go ahead with a vote of non-confidence in the next week or so, we will be having a federal election. I personally think that may be the best thing possible for this country — clear the air once and for all by giving the Conservatives a majority government. Because, clearly, until the federal Liberals experience a complete defeat, they will do nothing substantive about renewing themselves.