Beware Trudeau sneaky vote re Motion 103 on Islamophobia

Apparently Canada’s governing Liberals are going to try to hide their vote on Motion-103, the Islamophobia motion that tries to shut down any debate or criticism about Islam.

Why? Because M-103 is coming back to the House of Commons for debate this week, just before the Liberal federal budget is tabled. Meaning, that any news coverage on the final vote of M-103 will be swamped by budget coverage.

How do I know this? I got an email this morning from CPC Leadership Candidate Pierre Lemieux and I paraphrase three questions from his letter: (1) Do you have a valid concern about Islam, (2) Do you disagree with Sharia Law, and (3) Are you uneasy about radical Islamic terrorism? I would answer yes to at least Questions 2 and 3.

Yet, as Lemieux goes on to write: “The Liberals voted down all amendments to that Motion and now M-103 is coming back to the House….Once the debate ends tomorrow, it [the Liberals] will move to an immediate voice vote. If Conservatives do not “stand five” MPs to force a formal recorded vote, then we will never know who voted for or against M-103.

Well, Canada, you voted for these Liberals. It is not hard to see that this M-103 is simply the preamble to something bigger and more dangerous. And, no, that concern is not paranoia or Islamophobia. For example, the President of Turkey recently told Turks living in the EU to expand their families, so that in time, they would be the majority.

And, as a majority in Europe or elsewhere, what would that mean? There is an Arab folk tale about the camel and the master.  At the start, the master is sleeping in the tent and the camel is outside. By the end of the story, the camel is in the tent and the master outside.  And, we all know what that metaphor implies.

The crux of the matter is that Liberal MPs should not pass this Motion because ultimately it, and any decisions related to it, makes Islam more important and relevant than the Judeo-Christian values and system of law upon which this great country was founded.

Our concerns about Islamic extremism not “Islamophobia”

Niqab image 400I am so tired of Western Muslims or Muslim refugees calling anyone who questions them or expresses criticism about their constant demands, as being bigots and Islamophobic.  That is not only a complete cop-out and a myth, but a politically correct baseball bat to keep public figures in line.

I mean, if Muslims did as most other immigrants have done over the past one hundred years, by assimilating (even while holding on to their cultural and religious practices in private) they would be essentially invisible and accepted.

Instead, they expect to remake their country of origin in the West. For example, they have made demands to have:

  • Publicly funded Sharia family courts,
  • Prayer rooms in all post-secondary institutions,
  • Separate areas for boys and girls in school cafeterias, and
  • Separate swimming programs for men and women at YMCA’s.

On top of all those kinds of demands, they insist on dressing in a way that is against our values. No, I am not talking about dressing differently. Canadians have a history of tolerance for such differences.

I mean, there is the Christian Amish who wear long modest dresses and sometimes head coverings. There are Catholic nuns, some who wear habits and others Western dress. And, women from India frequently wear sarees in public — which are lovely.

But, the only group that covers all of their face, apart from their eyes, are Muslims.

All those differences aside, I believe the reason we now feel uncomfortable with Muslims, is the fear factor. While it might look like bigotry to Muslims, it is not. It is now about us versus them and the very survival of Western civilization and its democratic traditions of tolerance and freedom.

I mean, we saw the thousands die on 9/11. More recently, we saw hundreds of young people in Paris die simply because they decided to have a late dinner in a restaurant or take in a rock concert.  We also heard about all those innocent people in Nice — men, women and small children — who were crushed under the wheels of a large truck driven by someone yelling Allahu Akbar.

Yes, some Muslim males, like Tarek Fatah do, complain and I appreciate his stance very much. He is one in a million it seems. Yet, look at his Twitter feed and the abuse he takes for being fair and tolerant is there for all to see.

The crux of the matter is that the Merriam Webster online dictionary describes a phobia as: “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.” Our fears and concerns are not inexplicable or illogical. Therefore, Islamophobia, the term used by Muslims to undermine our values and shut us up — is incorrect.