PM Trudeau’s narcissism an embarrassment for many Canadians

Check the short video clip above of Gary, a CBC Kids puppet, getting a hug from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ever so cute, right? Gag me! Can you imagine the reaction of the liberal media if former PM Stephen Harper had talked to and hugged a puppet? They would have said, and rightly so, that it was childish and an example of a self-promoting narcissist. And, they would have been right.

Our current Prime Minister is 45 years old, 46 in December 2017. He has 3 children of his own. Yet, he comes across as a self-absorbed, conceited man-child, or at the very least, a man-teen.

Yet, dare complain about that or anything else the man does or doesn’t do and the liberal mainstream media get their shirts in a knot, calling such complaints “conservative bias”.

For example, Sun media dared to compare Harper and Trudeau on their understanding of economic issues affecting the middle class by looking at their upbringings and work experience — and Huff Post calls such a comparison nothing more than blatant “conservative bias”. Yet, in my opinion, the Sun comparison is reality and it is the Huff Post reaction that is blatant bias — as in making pro-Trudeau excuses for the fact that Trudeau is not middle class and never has been.

In fact, the writer of the Huff Post editorial sounds like a snowflake. He or she writes:

As for Harper and Trudeau’s former occupations, we’re a little miffed here. If you’re trying to paint the Prime Minister as a down-to-earth Canadian, maybe let’s not highlight the whole corporate lobbyist and political aide bits.”

Note, there is no mention in the Huff Post column that the information about Trudeau was incorrect — they just wanted to put down Harper’s experience as a former lobbyist and political aide. Is the journalist so partisan and clueless that he or she can’t see that working as a lobbyist and political aide might be good preliminary experience for a politician and that by ridiculing and minimizing that experience might actually be viewed as shilling for the Liberals and Trudeau himself?

There is an old saying that the proof is in the pudding or in the eating of the pudding. Well, this past Saturday on Parliament Hill, at our 150th Canada Day, Trudeau proved his incompetence, first, when he forgot to acknowledge Alberta as a province and, then, when he said he was jealous of recent immigrants because they got to choose Canada. Meaning? That new Canadians were somehow more Canadian than those of us born here?

So what if we take our citizenship for granted? Is that not a good thing? Has Trudeau no clue that those of us born here have paid taxes all our lives, working day in and day out to build and better our country. And, more importantly, did he completely forget that it was our loved ones who bled and died for this country in two world wars, peacekeeping and Afghanistan?

Anyway, as I said at the start of this post, PM Trudeau’s child-like narcissism has become a national embarrassment and particularly clear since the election of the new Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer. While actually younger than Trudeau, Scheer is mature and acts like a statesman.

The crux of the matter is that 2019 can’t come soon enough!