Time proving that Harper Conservatives better at governing than Trudeau Liberals

Trudeau spent $127,000 taxpayers dollars taking a vacation at a private island. Click for CBC credits.

Like so many Canadians, I am tired of the liberal media always covering for the Trudeau Liberals while continuing to rant and rave against the former Stephen Harper Government every chance they get.

In reality, the Trudeau Executive Branch is the least transparent and least accountable governing party in my living memory. I mean, given the trail of Trudeau Liberal broken promises, they are making fools out of those who voted for them.

I mean, think back to the years 2014 and 2015. Remember when the liberal media yelled “corruption” because a Harper PMO staffer named Nigel Wright paid $90,000 back to the taxpayers using his own money?

Now compare that to the underlying message in the above photo related to the fact that Trudeau spent $127,000 of taxpayers dollars to go on a holiday to a private island. If that had been Mr. Harper, we’d still be hearing about the “corruption.” I mean, I can recall the former PM going to a hockey game with his daughter and the media went nuts over his use of the Challenger Jet — and the cost was much less than the $127,000 Trudeau spent.

Remember also when the Trudeau opposition and his ever-loving media blamed the Harper PMO for all of the charges facing Mike Duffy regarding his living expenses. I mean, can you just imagine Trudeau taking any blame for the current crop of “independent liberal senators?” NOT!

And, yes, we all remember that when we found out that Duffy was acquitted of ALL charges and that there had been no Harper Government corruption, the Trudeau Liberals had already been elected.

So, what do we know now — two years later?  We know that the Liberals were elected on the basis of promises they never intended to keep. The biggest whopper was that the country was in the midst of a recession and that the Trudeau Liberals could fix it all by having a little deficit.

Well, not so it seems. In fact, wage growth had been growing by leaps and bounds during Harper’s final years. Which means, that the actual “sunny ways” were during that time period, not now. For example, check out William Watson’s column in the Financial Post from November 16th, 1017.  He writes:

  • “From 2014 to 2015, StatCan tells us, ‘The real average income of all tax filers rose 2.6 per cent.'”
  • Over and above that, “‘the bottom 50 per cent of tax filers’ — i.e., those struggling to get into the middle class — ‘saw a 3.4 per cent increase in average total income.”

Watson also states: “This was before the Trudeau government raised top tax rates in the name of fairness, a tax share twice that of your income share and 22 times your population share being deemed not fair enough.”

I agree with Luke Rebello, a McMaster student who wrote an editorial in a September issue of the Huffington Post titled “Canadians didn’t sign up for Trudeau’s scandals and bad policies.”  No, they didn’t but that is what they got.

Which reminds me of that old expression: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  The crux of the matter is, then, that the next time Canadians vote (on or before October 21, 2019), they need to plan to vote for a conservative.

Liberal bias in Bloomberg’s Marc Champion analysis of Trump’s Warsaw speech

I am sure that Bloomberg’s Marc Champion is an excellent journalist. But, given his obvious anti-Trump bias, he couldn’t have heard what I heard during President Donald Trump’s amazing Warsaw speech.

Yes, I like Trump but as a Canadian I have no horse in this race, so to speak. It is just that when I first saw the tweet from Marc Champion referring to his column “Trump Just Redefined Western Values Around Faith, Not Democracy,” I was dumbfounded. How could anyone listen to that speech and interpret Trump’s stated “Western values” as anything other than representing democracy and the rule of law?

For example, Trump talked openly about how the Polish know exactly what life is like in a free Poland, compared to living under Communism or Nazism. I also clearly heard Trump refer to the Poles right to freedom of religion and the freedom of speech that allows its citizens to debate differing ideas?

Yet, Champion writes:”In a speech to cheering crowds in Warsaw on Thursday, Trump described the West’s values in terms of religion and culture and called for the defense of its civilization against radical Islam. It amounted to a manifesto for his foreign-policy vision. The address included repeated invocations of God, faith, tradition, national sovereignty and family. It made only passing reference to what are usually cited as core Western values: the rule of law, democracy and freedom of speech.

Made only passing reference? What did Champion expect? Did he expect Trump to provide a politically correct shopping list of each and every Western value?  Duh!  The term Western “values” should cover all the core values.

In my opinion, such complaints are just petty because they assume conservatives don’t value tolerance and inclusiveness. Wrong! Inclusiveness should not negate the fact that the Polish want their country to be primarily a Christian country. I mean, lots of Christian countries have welcomed Muslim migrants into their society — like Sweden which, unfortunately, is being torn apart for doing just that.

In other words, the Polish closed border policy is not necessarily an intolerance towards Muslims but, rather, tolerance towards Christians. But, make no mistake, that appears to be a problem for Champion. Specifically, he writes:”Last year, Polish President Andrzei Duda took part in a religious ceremony that officially recognized Jesus as the King of Poland.”

What Champion may be forgetting is that it was a beloved Polish Pope, John Paul II, who set off the tearing down of the Soviet wall.

In this aerial photo, a column of migrants moves through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic)

We also need to remember that, quite apart from Islamist terrorists, Muslims the world over are saying that they expect their new countries to allow them to institute Sharia Law and all that implies. They also say openly that what they ultimately want is to turn the entire Western world into Muslim nations.

I mean, just look at the millions of migrants moving across Europe in the image to the left, essentially a peaceful invasion of mostly men of fighting age, and you can see what is happening to that “Western” continent.

Clearly, Poland is correct to be cautious!

In the final analysis, Champion’s analysis of the Warsaw speech is a perfect example of how the liberal media interpret — with their one-sided politically correct magnifying glasses — what conservative thinkers like President Trump believe.

The crux of the matter is that such liberals don’t seem to see the potential dangers in their own foreclosed intolerant way of speaking and thinking.




Liberal media narrative pushing alternate reality on western society

An example of a conservative commentator trashed by the liberal media.

Like a lot of people who like to think for themselves, I am sick and tired of the 24/7 narrative coming from the liberal mainstream media and like-minded politicians that anyone who holds traditional conservative views is hateful in every respect, or in the case of Sean Hannity above, bad for America.

Yes, that is biased and narrow-minded thinking but what is especially problematic about it is that it is pushing an alternate reality onto Western society. I mean, when I turn on the CBC (which isn’t often) it is like the journalists and commentators are living in a different country than I am. Which is probably why I watch a lot of Fox News these days. At least there, for the most part, you get a balanced presentation. I mean, they always have both Republican and Democratic pundits on to debate the issues.

Anyway, this week the American media published an old quote from U.S. Vice- President Mike Pence — that he didn’t have lunch with women other than his wife . You would have thought he was some kind of monster given the hysterical response. The assumption was that he had to be anti-woman. Nonsense. All of it. From what I have read, Pence is surrounded by competent women.

Then, there is Brexit across the pond. In the UK, the “leavers” are called every negative name that can be said publicly on the BBC. It is as though the 52% who voted for Brexit are from another planet. Never mind that those 52% were simply tired of having no borders or their laws overridden by Brussels.

Similarly in the US, nearly half the country voted for Donald Trump and yet, those pockets of Democratic blue feel because they represented the popular vote, they should run the country regardless of Electoral College rules and the U.S.Constitution. In fact, Democratic outrage is off the charts. Yet, just imagine if the vote had been the reverse and Hillary Clinton had won the College vote and Trump the popular vote. Who do you think would be president right now? Right. Clinton.

Years ago, I experienced this kind of social and media bias first hand. I had helped an Ontario PC (Progressive Conservative) candidate win the 1995 provincial election. He was a member of the Mike Harris Conservative caucus. I accompanied him, his wife and their family to the swearing-in ceremony two weeks after the vote. What greeted us were thousands of protesters and a bomb scare — and the Conservatives hadn’t even done anything yet. Nevertheless, for the entire four years of Harris’ first mandate, the protests and the media were hysterical about everything in spite of the fact that Ontario boomed — with 100,000 people able to get off welfare and nearly one million good paying full time jobs being created.

Speaking of protests, in the U.S. when you watch the tape of the Berkeley fiasco, it is the professor who is screaming profanities. Same at Middlebury College where even a professor was injured. Sure, I don’t agree with much of what Milo Yiannopoulos or Charles Murray say, but so what? They should be able to talk freely and students and faculty should be able to debate why they disagree with them. Causing and allowing mayhem, on the other hand, is simply teaching young adults that temper tantrums work.

Which brings me to Canada and its liberal media snowflakes. For ten years we read and heard that the Stephen Harper Conservatives were bad and Harper was a dictator. Why? Because one of his staffers had the gall to pay $90,000 back to the public treasury to help a Senator that the media didn’t like because he had been one of them and, in their opinion, didn’t know his place.  As with Mike Harris twenty years ago, there was little mention in the media about how much the Conservative Government was accomplishing.

Yet, now that we have the Justin Trudeau Liberals in power, as with Obama in the U.S. when he was in power, the media fawning never stops.  There are scandals every single day and the media reports on them. However, given the image to the left, the venom they saved for Harper just isn’t there for Trudeau.

The crux of the matter is that the media and liberal narrative that anything we say that disagrees with a liberal worldview should be considered “hate speech” or “bad” for our country is a view that we have to fight 24/7. How? By debating ideas with family, neighbours and friends or by volunteering for a conservative oriented politician.