Wynne’s incompetent and corrupt Liberals “cooking books” year before election

ONPC Leader in fighting spirit on day of Liberal budget.

The polite way of saying the Ontario Liberals are corrupt or ethically challenged is to repeat what ONPC (Progressive Conservative) Leader Patrick Brown said this week in the Ontario Legislature just before Ontario Liberal Finance Minister Charles Sousa presented the Liberal budget — that as the government’s chef, he was “cooking the books.”

Well, in my opinion, it is past time for being polite. The Ontario Liberals have been corrupt for quite some time. They are ruled by ideology at all cost, in this case, a green philosophy that only benefits environmental activists and those with 20 year contracts in the Feed-in-Tariff — FIT program.

In fact, the Liberals will say anything or do anything to get elected or re-elected. A particularly favourable approach for Liberals to win Ontario elections (and federally as well, I might add) is to scare voters into voting Liberal. Ah, those scary Conservatives. Blah, blah, blah. Which, unfortunately, worked federally in 2015 and in Ontario in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2014!!

For example, back during the Ontario election in 2003, then opposition Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty made a very public “written” pledge that, if elected with a majority government, his Liberals would not raise taxes.

Except that pledge was an outright lie. Just a couple of months after receiving a majority mandate, McGuinty announced that his government would be implementing an Ontario Health Care Premium — a premium, it turned out, that would never go towards health care but would be deposited directly into Ontario’s general revenues. And, while some would argue that health care funding comes out of general revenues, so do a lot of other government expenditures.

Fast forward to 2017. Not only do we have an Ontario Liberal Finance Minister saying the province has balanced the budget by using non-accessible public pension funds, but we have Premier Kathleen Wynne telling us their Cap and Trade isn’t a tax either. We also have businesses moving outside of Ontario or shutting down altogether because of huge hydro delivery charges that have to pay for the Cap and Trade folly.

What incompetence! As Lorrie Goldstein wrote in the Toronto Sun earlier this month: “The reality is Wynne, who ran on running an open and transparent government in 2014, has chosen the least open and transparent method of carbon pricing — cap and trade.

Anyway, by making the claim that they have balanced the budget in 2017,  make no mistake about it, the Ontario Liberals have officially started the 2018 election campaign. As a result, the fight for the soul of Ontario is on — 24/7.  The key questions are:

  • Will Ontario be run into the ground by the Liberals or their NDP cousins (e.g., 300,000 manufacturing jobs have already been lost)? or
  • Will Ontario voters have the courage to vote for the Ontario PCs under Brown to turn the economy around and make the province a “have” province again?

The crux of the matter is for Conservatives of all types, as well as fed up Liberals, to get the truth out by whatever means they can — and that truth is that the Liberal Party of Ontario is not only incompetent but corrupt as well and must not be rewarded with another mandate to further misgovern.