Liberal bias in Bloomberg’s Marc Champion analysis of Trump’s Warsaw speech

I am sure that Bloomberg’s Marc Champion is an excellent journalist. But, given his obvious anti-Trump bias, he couldn’t have heard what I heard during President Donald Trump’s amazing Warsaw speech.

Yes, I like Trump but as a Canadian I have no horse in this race, so to speak. It is just that when I first saw the tweet from Marc Champion referring to his column “Trump Just Redefined Western Values Around Faith, Not Democracy,” I was dumbfounded. How could anyone listen to that speech and interpret Trump’s stated “Western values” as anything other than representing democracy and the rule of law?

For example, Trump talked openly about how the Polish know exactly what life is like in a free Poland, compared to living under Communism or Nazism. I also clearly heard Trump refer to the Poles right to freedom of religion and the freedom of speech that allows its citizens to debate differing ideas?

Yet, Champion writes:”In a speech to cheering crowds in Warsaw on Thursday, Trump described the West’s values in terms of religion and culture and called for the defense of its civilization against radical Islam. It amounted to a manifesto for his foreign-policy vision. The address included repeated invocations of God, faith, tradition, national sovereignty and family. It made only passing reference to what are usually cited as core Western values: the rule of law, democracy and freedom of speech.

Made only passing reference? What did Champion expect? Did he expect Trump to provide a politically correct shopping list of each and every Western value?  Duh!  The term Western “values” should cover all the core values.

In my opinion, such complaints are just petty because they assume conservatives don’t value tolerance and inclusiveness. Wrong! Inclusiveness should not negate the fact that the Polish want their country to be primarily a Christian country. I mean, lots of Christian countries have welcomed Muslim migrants into their society — like Sweden which, unfortunately, is being torn apart for doing just that.

In other words, the Polish closed border policy is not necessarily an intolerance towards Muslims but, rather, tolerance towards Christians. But, make no mistake, that appears to be a problem for Champion. Specifically, he writes:”Last year, Polish President Andrzei Duda took part in a religious ceremony that officially recognized Jesus as the King of Poland.”

What Champion may be forgetting is that it was a beloved Polish Pope, John Paul II, who set off the tearing down of the Soviet wall.

In this aerial photo, a column of migrants moves through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic)

We also need to remember that, quite apart from Islamist terrorists, Muslims the world over are saying that they expect their new countries to allow them to institute Sharia Law and all that implies. They also say openly that what they ultimately want is to turn the entire Western world into Muslim nations.

I mean, just look at the millions of migrants moving across Europe in the image to the left, essentially a peaceful invasion of mostly men of fighting age, and you can see what is happening to that “Western” continent.

Clearly, Poland is correct to be cautious!

In the final analysis, Champion’s analysis of the Warsaw speech is a perfect example of how the liberal media interpret — with their one-sided politically correct magnifying glasses — what conservative thinkers like President Trump believe.

The crux of the matter is that such liberals don’t seem to see the potential dangers in their own foreclosed intolerant way of speaking and thinking.